Internet of things (IoT) is an innovative paradigm that has changed the lifestyle altogether from a traditional lifestyle to a high-tech lifestyle. Some of the novel transformations of IoT are Smart Cities, smart pollution control, Smart transportation system, home automated services etc. Although IoT has seen considerable development in recent years there are still many hurdles that need to cross before reaching the goal. IoT can be quoted as the exchange of information within smart devices. It is an effort to control the objects and to provide them with regular updates while sitting at a distinct place. IoT concepts were proposed a couple of years ago and it may not be incorrect to quote that this term has become a benchmark for establishing communication among objects.Some of the key challenges to this communication are:

  1. Intelligent decision making
  2. Secure identification
  3. Authentication of the IoT devices
  4. Continuous connectivity
  5. Data security, and privacy issues

Home automation plays an important part in our lives nowadays. Home automation enables the user to monitor the home from his or her screen and delegate activities that are supposed to occur according to time or other sensor reading from any home automation network system such as light, temperature or sound. It eliminates the usage of resources effectively through human intervention and saves time. This system is designed to automatically monitor the appliance around us in crucial cases and to help us alert them. By communicating with different technologies, it enables contact between several real-life things.

The IoT network can be strengthened to capture and process data from different sensors and actuators and then transfer the information through a wireless link to the cell phone or a personal computer. Construction IoT has made substantial improvements in the last few years since a modern age has been formed in the history of IT. Protection is an important concern today as there are more and more openings for infiltration. Intruder protection, burglary, fire, and flammable gas leakage are the main demands of the people’s house security system. Some of the common examples of IoT for middle-class people are:

  1. Smart Cities: The development in technology has changed the way of living and made it much easier. This novel concept of smart cities has highly influenced day-to-day life. It has reduced human intervention and automate the devices.
  2. Smart Agriculture: It is a growing field where the regular care of the fields is done using IoT as in some areas of Punjab it is noticed that the watering to the fields is done using drones.
  3. Electric applicants control:IoT allows you the control all your electric appliances just by checking your phone and seating far km away from the place.
  4. Smart Industry:This application of IoT is universally used in industry where you can check the temperature and control the boilers without human intervention because it may be dangerous.
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