AR/VR IN Aviation

The pace at which technology has evolved over the past decade has been remarkable. Examples of such techniques are augmented and virtual reality.

Some of the AR and VR applications available for Aviation Industry are

Pilot and Ground Crew Training

Pilots are trained extensively with flight simulators and computer screens, But flight simulators are expensive and bulky machines for professional training. In reality, airports are usually too busy to train pilots, and It’s also time-consuming.

 Virtual reality eyewear and related devices make it possible to incorporate more features by merely entering specific codes. In reality, it is also possible to pose virtually all possible scenarios that could arise in the airport’s real environment.

A professional crew on the ground is crucial for any aircraft to be able to take off and land safely. When VR used for simulator training for pilots in flight, AR used for the ground crew members. For example, aircraft engineers can use augmented reality glasses in simulating and testing installation processes.

Visualization of airports in a virtual environment:-

This technology can be used in many more ways and places, including airports. Using augmented reality eyewear, we can able to visualize the airport and their safety instruction.

As per Boeing, almost half of all fatal accidents usually occur during a plane’s takeoff and landing. Using AR, the pilot can improve the ability to access current terrain, navigation, traffic, and weather data in addition to safety information such as emergency, pre-flight, in-flight, and landing checklists.

In-flight amusement:-

Most airlines are using these innovations to improve the quality of in-flight passenger experience. Many airlines being partnered with skylights offer passengers VR headsets.

As AR and VR, both technologies can disrupt the aviation world. With its potential and proven impact on education, safety, and amusement.

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