In the digital era mobile has become the stand-alone technology. With the advancement it has replaced the use of alarm clock, camera, laptop, calendar, and many other devices. From morning’s first breath to late night movies, it has become lifeline in today’s busy schedule. With the increase in the technology the threats of security also increases rightly said “Not even Medicine comes without sideeffect”…  Ransomware is an incredibly famousvirus which attacked in year 2019 and restricted user to login to their own account. The muggers have demanded amount in cryptocurrency to reactivate the account.

What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is a technology by which the people can avoid standing in a line at banks to access their accounts. The technology privilege customer to access account from anywhere, anytime. From the account opening to for-closer everything is possible with single click. The era of digitalization has advantaged the costumers to go cashless or in more refined way to go with lesser cash.

Mobile Banking VS Internet Banking

Both type of banking come under the umbrella of e-banking but with different processing features. The internet banking comes with web portal/login, where user need to put their personal details to login. Whereas using the mobile devices, the mobile banking permits its customers to manage the financial transactions and these all by remotely or portably.

How secure is the mobile banking???

In general, mobile banking is safe however 90% of issues raises from the client perspective. It is the point where the problem is. Consumers do not know how susceptibleof their phones are subject to assaults. To be responsible for the safety, banks provide highly secure and updated operating systems.While there is a minimal danger when it comes to the financial industry, there is some consensus that safety depends on the customer — many of whom do little to prevent attacks from their phones. This might allow banks to improve customer education on cyber security problems, experts believe.The general issues which lack to the safety of mobile are:

  1. Using common password
  2. Creating easy password
  3. Sharing OTP or credentials with other
  4. Operating in unknown device
  5. Providing credentials with third party apps


The use of mobile banking technology has increased incredibly with every passage of the day.Theadvantage of the mobile banking is 24-hour access to the banks. It provides timesaving for the people those who don’t need desktop/computer to access their banks as it convenient use for the consumers.As the e-banking service is optimistic for the customers, there are some negativeimpacts of it.There is also full of frauds that are waiting for the chance to ruin the customerscompletely. As for the mobility of the customers, the mobile banking service is conveniently used. But at the same time customer need to aware that small mistake of his can lead to high security breach…

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