Ministers have been urged to firm up road rules for e-scooters and e-bikes, as measures to regulate London’s pedicabs moved towards becoming law.

Labour said the Government had continued to “duck” moves to regulate e-bikes and scooters, but transport minister Guy Opperman told MPs he wants them regulated.

It came as the Pedicabs (London) Bill cleared the Commons.

It paves the way for a first attempt at regulating them to become law.

The bill had faced criticism from Conservative grandee Sir Christopher Chope, who claimed the cycle rickshaws are to London what gondolas are to Venice.

Concerns have previously been raised that many pedicabs lack basic safety features and can cause traffic problems, such as parking in bus lanes or flouting one-way rules.

Regulations would include licensing, fares, safety, roadworthiness and speed restrictions.

Transport for London is currently unable to regulate pedicabs and the police have few powers to control them effectively.

Shadow transport minister Simon Lightwood told MPs: “Whilst there was no doubt that this bill is hugely welcome to London’s West End and a handful of other London areas, these measures should have been introduced as part of a far wider transport bill.

“Because elsewhere in transport policy, there remains desperate need for major transport reform, particularly on e-bikes and e-scooters, but the government continues to duck this responsibility and has refused to use this opportunity to bring forward a long-promised and long-delayed transport bill.”

Transport minister Mr Opperman said regulating e-scooters and e-bikes would be complex, and said there was “an ongoing research project” about them

“But it cannot be the case long-term – in my humble opinion – that we have an unregulated system where vehicles can be deposited on the pavement, which particularly for those who have accessibility, or who are blind, or have other disability issues, are unquestionably compromised by that,” he added.


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