Sembly AI was founded by CEO Gil Makleff and CPO Artem Koren in 2019. The founders have a combined 40 years of hands-on experience supporting large transformation efforts in Fortune 500 organizations. Gil Makleff was CEO of UMT Consulting Group which was acquired by Ernst & Young. Artem Koren was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young and CTO at Visual Trading Systems. 

Gil Makleff | Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

● Americas Region Partner, EY Advisory

● Former CEO of UMT Consulting Group (now EY)

● 11 Years Key Member of Microsoft PAC

● Previous Exits: 2006 sale to Microsoft; 2015 sale to EY

● Columbia University CS, NYU MBA

Artem Koren | Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

● Co-founder of Neusana

● CTO of Visual Trading System

● Director of IT Capital Market Services

● Senior Manager (top 1%) at EY

● Columbia University CS, NYU MBA

What if there was a way to spend less time in online meetings and make those meetings more productive? That’s the idea behind Sembly AI. Sembly introduces AI participants to meetings who take meeting notes, create post-meeting content, and update workflow applications with tasks and other next-step items, enabling teams to reduce manual work and focus on high value activities. 

Sembly’s products can simplify the work life of distributed teams while providing powerful analytics to help teams attend less while getting more done. By automating the labor-intensive process of meeting documentation and enabling more strategic task management, Sembly not only frees up valuable employee time but also empowers teams to concentrate on high-value activities that drive organizational success.

Sembly proprietary natural language processing (NLP) models can discern the more productive parts of the discussion, interpret different communication styles, and figure out who needs to do what and by when. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Sembly will continue to evolve in line with the changing needs of global businesses, further solidifying its role as an indispensable tool for COOs and CIOs looking to optimize their operations and achieve significant cost savings.

Sembly AI can also support your sustainability strategy. By reducing the number of attendees, you significantly reduce video processing, audio processing, and network traffic, and therefore the associated CO2 emissions compared with on-camera participation.

Sembly unlocks immense value from meetings for individual professionals, teams, and organizations. For the individual, you gain the ability to recall all past meetings, focus on the discussion while Sembly takes meeting notes, and to not worry about missing a meeting since Sembly can attend for you and send you all the details after the call. Additionally, Sembly shows your commitments across all your meetings, so you never miss an important follow-on task.

For the team, Sembly gives unprecedented ability to share meeting outcomes across the team, allowing for fewer attendees in each meeting and for fewer meetings overall. Additionally, Sembly’s smart AI identifies key items in the discussion, such as actions, decisions, issues, risks, and more, so that no important follow-on is overlooked.

For the organization, Sembly improves the quality of worklife, creates a library of meeting transcripts and AI meeting notes across all participating team meetings, and improves the overall productivity of your employees by reducing time wasted in meetings, since with Sembly teams can attend less, while getting more done.

Sembly AI has teamed up with Speech Processing Solutions, the global leader in professional speech-to-text solutions sold under the Philips brand. Together they’ll unite to provide high-quality microphones and smart meeting technology.

Sembly AI continues to consolidate its position as a provider of best-in-class conversation analytics for enterprise operations and technology teams through a new strategic partnership with MI-GSO | PCUBED, a world-class Project Management and PMO consultancy.

We’re excited that we can help our customers make the most of the AI workplace revolution. By focusing on people, not just technology, we see countless opportunities to increase workplace productivity, efficiency, and wellbeing.

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