In the ever-evolving landscape of legal technology, a dynamic force is reshaping the way startups and scale-ups approach fundraising. This force is Quoroom, a platform founded in 2018 in London by the visionary duo of Ulyana Shtybel and Denys Goncharenko. Their journey from inception to prominence is a testament to innovation, vision, and a steadfast commitment to transforming the fundraising landscape.

Denys Goncharenko, Quoroom’s CTO, brings a unique blend of expertise, combining 20 years of law practice with senior engineering skills. On the other hand, Ulyana Shtybel, the CEO and a finance professional, was formerly the Executive Director of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Office in Ukraine. Her recognition as The Inspiring Fifty Europe 2022 – The Top Fifty Women in European Tech underscores her impact on the industry.

Ulyana Shtybel envisions a future where startups seamlessly navigate the complexities of fundraising. “We see so many founders making mistakes in their fundraising process, targeting the wrong investors and losing opportunities by not building relationships with potential investors. Quoroom helps to organize the fundraising process, avoid mistakes, and automate critical tasks,” she shares, setting the stage for the platform’s revolutionary impact.

Quoroom’s digital journey unfolds as a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the intricacies of fundraising but also focuses on a data-centric approach. The platform enables startups to concentrate on their business and leverage performance data/metrics, sharing them on a permission basis with suitable investors. Simultaneously, Quoroom aids investors in monitoring portfolio performance, selecting, and accessing data of the most promising startups.

From investor pipeline management to automated updates, data rooms, legal completion processes, and direct issuance of securities, Quoroom becomes a guiding force in the capital-raising journey. It transforms into more than just a platform; it becomes a transformative ally that streamlines processes affordably, allowing startups to raise capital up to 4 times faster and save over £50k per year compared to alternatives.

Quoroom’s significance resonates in the success stories of its clients, including Nurokor, Go To-U, Subjective, TradeEvo,, and RMRF Tech. Their testimonials underline the platform’s value-for-money and its indispensable role in their processes. Lyubov Artemenko, COO of Go To-U, attests, “Quoroom’s software was extremely helpful in preparing our company’s cap table for the investment round. Easy to use and highly effective.”

The platform’s magic lies in its proven investment workflow, acting as a catalyst that propels startups through the fundraising process faster than traditional methods. Quoroom positions itself as a true leader in legaltech innovation by automating investor onboarding and legals. Efficiency and effectiveness become synonymous with the platform, making it the preferred choice for companies seeking to optimize their fundraising endeavors.

Beyond technology, Quoroom takes pride in fostering an open and democratic company culture. With a diverse team spanning five countries, collaboration and creativity thrive. This inclusive approach adds an extra layer to Quoroom’s appeal, reflecting a commitment to diversity and shared values that fuel the company’s journey.

At the core of Quoroom’s success is an unwavering customer-centric approach. The platform’s dedication to providing an affordable, comprehensive, and efficient solution showcases a deep understanding of the challenges faced by startups and scale-ups in the fundraising landscape. Quoroom’s focus on client success transcends mere business strategy; it’s a fundamental belief embedded in every aspect of the company’s DNA.

As the pages of 2023 unfold, Quoroom stands tall as a trailblazer and a top solution provider. The founders’ vision, coupled with Quoroom’s revolutionary services, exemplify a commitment to transforming the way businesses approach fundraising. In the competitive realm of legaltech, Quoroom isn’t just a platform; it’s a driving force, setting the standard for efficiency, affordability, and client success in legal technology solutions. The story of Quoroom is a narrative in progress, a tale that continues to redefine the future of legaltech, promising more chapters of innovation and impact in the years beyond 2023. Keep an eye on Quoroom as it continues its journey to reshape the landscape of legal technology.

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