Nowadays, mobile technology is keeping pace with society. Everyone including the children also addicted to technology. Nowadays, mobile technology is swiftly ameliorating and influencing lives. The users of mobile technology worldwide made this an addictive as well as a routine part of themselves.

Role of Mobile Technology in the adolescent development

In adolescent development, mobile technology has a great role. There is an explosion of mobile technologies in this current era.After birth, the children are raised in a mobile technological environment. Mobile technology has some risks on adolescent development like,

  1. Risks of using mobile phones in the time of walking, bicycling and many more.
  2. Uses of mobile technology on coherent attention as well as a control like early brain development, parenting development etc.
  3. Risks of mobile technology use on mood, sleep and mental health of the adolescent development

The amount of using mobile technology users; specifically the children are increasing gradually and this ascendant the digital use. The mobile technology may constitute potential dangers where the findings point that to an assortment of consequence as well as the expanse where the advancement may be abetment.

Relation between the parents and their children in the era of Mobile Technology

Nowadays, busy parents give the children the chance that too busiesthem around mobile technology. To serene the children, the parents let their children be busy with the mobile technology. After growing up, the children can use mobile devices for various purposes, like doing homework, playing games or chatting with friends etc.


It is concluded from the several studies that, as the use of mobile technology has a positive side, like that way it has some negative. As in the positive view, mobile technology is useful on the academic side; like that, the technology has a negative effect on psychological as well as social sides. The incessant use of mobile technology can enlarge the children confinement.Using mobile technology can relocate the time which is used for the interaction between the parents and child. The reduction of synergy between the parent and the child can cause the upshot reciprocal action.The revelation to brutal media is another vital negative point of mobile technology which gravitates to the enlargement of the yearning and agitation.

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