India’s leading automobile manufacturer migrates its Dealer Management System to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to gain faster insights and improve productivity

Oracle and Tata Motors today announced that they have migrated the automotive giant’s entire Dealer Management System (DMS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The migration of this system to OCI will help boost the operational efficiencies of Tata Motors with deeper business insights, greater security, increased flexibility, and cost optimization.

The Dealer Management System, which serves 60,000 users, supports Tata Motors’ pre-sales, sales, and after-sales market touchpoints across all segments of passenger and commercial vehicles. With the modernization of its Dealer Management System, the organisation is able to more effectively monitor sales performance and improve collaboration across its dealer network.

Some of the key benefits include multifold enhancement in data reporting that allows the company to generate many more records per second and faster execution of data integration with OCI. Tata Motors dealers are also able to gain access to information in seconds, enabling a significant reduction in response time. Additionally, functioning on OCI will enable Tata Motors to scale business operations based on demand, while retaining the flexibility to preserve its infrastructure.

Tata Motors’ Dealer Management System supports both electric and conventional fuel vehicles, and is pivotal in managing capacity and spare parts, while serving as a unified platform for customer feedback.

Gopinath Jayaraj, chief information officer, Tata Motors said, “Technological advancement is steering us into an era of next-gen mobility and integrating digital interventions into business models is crucial in this hyper-personalized world. OCI will help us deliver on our endeavour to include more cloud-native technologies to enable better customer experiences. We are already witnessing benefits with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including the greater capacity to scale, strong security controls and elasticity to reduce operational costs. We look forward to working with the OCI team to accelerate our digital transformation efforts and augment our ability to deliver innovative mobility experiences.”

Garret Ilg, president, Japan and Asia Pacific, Oracle, said, “We are excited to be supporting Tata Motors in a landmark achievement of India’s automobile sector, bringing additional flexibility, agility and data transparency to one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. We are closely working with the Tata Motors team to help them drive digital transformation and growth and elevate their customer experience.”

“India’s automobile providers are aggressively becoming digital and are making large scale investments to modernise their business and increase automation. With India projected to be the world’s third largest auto market and Tata Motors leading the way, we are delighted to partner with it and power its digital transformation journey,” said Shailender Kumar, senior vice president and regional managing director, Oracle India. “Cloud is capable of driving tremendous value for businesses and we look forward to meeting our customers where they are.”


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