Any currency that is only available electronically is considered digital currency. Electronic versions of currency now predominate in the financial systems of many countries. Blockchain technology has permeated the entire financial world, and its adoption has accelerated in recent aeons. The rise of bitcoin has been accompanied by the growth of blockchain technologies. Since then, blockchain technology has impacted many other areas of information technology (IT). Blockchain’s disruptive wave is now reshaping how facts and value are shared in the finance market, supply chain, healthcare system, and credibility system.Although the blockchain was initially developed as a cryptocurrency, it is now called a new type of digital database or ledger, as it can store data in the transaction’s metadata and keep track of past transactions. Blockchain technology, which dates back to the early 1980s, has proven to be one of the most groundbreaking ideas of the twenty-first century.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that serves as a modern kind of financial instrument based on blockchain technology. To improve architecture, Nakamoto made a major contribution by developing a Hash cash-like method for time-stamping blocks without requiring them to be signed by a trusted party. He has also implemented various thresholds to control the rate at which blocks are added to a chain of blocks, i.e. a blockchain.

The latest network was Ethereum, which in today’s field of blockchain is attracting the most transactions and still has one of the highest market capitalizations in cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Digital Currency

  • Payments made more quickly.
  • International transactions are less costly.
  • 24-hour entry.
  • Assistance to unbanked and underbanked individuals.

Even if a digital currency is electronic, it must be as easily accessible as gold. “Anyone, not just those of the new smartphones, should be able to use it,”Cunha said

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