How health and term insurance benefits the public

Insurance has always been a crucial part of our lifestyle. As in fast running life health is the most crucial aspect that is always been neglected. Understanding the difference between term and health insurance is of prime importance before jumping to any plan. The health insurance guarantees you to get free cashless medical treatment or expense reimbursement in case you fall ill. The type of disease cover and the charges may vary from person to person depending upon their medical history and their age.

While Term Insurance protect your loved once from sudden demise. Term insurance is a security cover for everybody and a coverage which is a necessity for all people. Under the umbrella of the term “Term Insurance” the amount of the insurance is paid to the nominee in case of the death of the policy holder.

Benefits of Health Insurance and Term Insurance Plans

The following will be some benefits of the health and term insurance plans to public: –

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

  • Health insurance offers protection against medical expenses
  • Restoration Benefit –It is a coverage in the health insurance, in which if the Sum Insured gets exhausted towards treating an ailment, the insurance company restores it.
  • Critical Illness Cover – If opted for as an add-on or a part of the plan, this covers hospital expenses in case of critical illness.
  • Daily Hospital Cash cover – This cover helps to manage the expenses beyond the hospital bill in case of any medical emergency.
  • Maternity Benefit – This benefit if opted, takes care of the hospitalization and all related expenses when a mother-to-be is admitted for delivery. It also takes care of expenses of any treatment required in case of any complications.
  • Home (Domiciliary) Hospitalization – If any of the parent or any family member need care at home in the condition which might have required hospitalization, then this benefit is for you.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses – there are expenses which are usually not covered in health insurances like X-rays, scans, medicines, itmake sure to take care of these expenses too.
  • Accidental Hospitalization – This benefit covers costs of Ambulance, Daycare procedures, Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization expenses that includes ICU, Medication, OT, Physician Fees, Diagnostics and more in case of an accident

Benefits of Term Insurance Plans

  • This is mainly the financial support to your family when you are absent from their lives.
  • The premium charged is usually less.
  • With term insurance comes Tax benefit However, Tax savings should not be the reason for buying a term policy. This policy offers tax benefits and exemptions as per prevailing tax laws.
  • High life covers with low premiums.

Health Insurance policies come with a lot of add-ons and benefits; it is important to look out for them with the right insurance company. We at Digit believes in providing the best add-ons and benefits to our customers so that they can make the most of their policies.

To sum it all, if you closely understand the benefits of both, you will also understand that we all will need both these policies, sooner and later. It is better to make a smart choice at the right time before it is too late.

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